In my (very little) spare time, I like to make things – baked goods, home-cooked meals, fun crafts, and home improvements. And I try to make it all as enjoyable -and cheaply- as possible.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Do you have answers to the Scary Movie Trivia you made? I can’t find an answer to one question “which horror movie was filmed in just one day?” Thanks!

    • Hi Jamie. I never made an answer key, but the answers are as follows: 1. j; 2. a; 3. i; 4. c; 5. m; 6. o; 7. k; 8. b; 9. c; 10. g; 11. n; 12. e; 13. h; 14. f; 15. d. The three write in answers are: 1. Silence of the Lambs; 2. Halloween (the question is what movie was made in 20 days, not one); 3. Bela Lugosi. Hope you have fun playing this trivia game!

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