Welcome to December!

Hi friends! My Christmas tree is up, the weather has gotten colder, and we have fun plans with family and friends over the month. It must be Christmas time!

I so enjoyed having an advent calendar as a kid (remember the candy behind each little door?), that I keep the tradition going even as an adult. Instead of candy, now I fill the calendar with fun little activities to enjoy each night of the Christmas month.

To kick off the Christmas season, I thought I’d share the grown up advent calendar activities I’ll be partaking in this year. 00001

Download the printable here

Did you notice there are more than 24 things to do? You didn’t miscount – I included more activities than needed so everyone could pick the things that sound like fun to them. Some of the things to do are little traditions Dan and I have (like making latkes or listening to the Italian Christmas Carol, Dominick the Donkey ), so I thought that by making more than needed, everyone would be able to find enough holiday activities to last the season.

I tried changing up some of the activities from what we’ve done before (see  2014 and 2015) by including a movie I haven’t seen (It’s a Wonderful Life) and some Christmas poems I haven’t read, but kept the activity of listening to the Cinnamon Bear radio show. Hopefully, this is the year we finally get through the whole program.

I’m looking forward to starting our advent calendar tonight!