Going Batty

I figured I had time for one last Halloween post before tomorrow. Maybe you still have the desire to get a spooky craft done in time for trick-or-treaters? Or maybe you want to get your kids into the Halloween spirit a day early? This craft is great for little ones too. What is it?

Bat branches!


A few weeks back, a friend of mine hosted some people at her house for a night of crafts. This bat branch was one of them – the easiest one by far.

The branch was already spray painted purple and dried before I got there. You’ll need to factor in time for drying if you’re planning to make this in one day. Or, leave the branch natural and you will still have a great craft.

If you do choose to paint, wait until the branch is dry, then cut plain black ribbon into pieces anywhere from 4-6 inches. Double knot each piece at random spots on the branch. That’s it.

To make the bats look a little creepier, I used some puff paint I had around the house to make eyes. IMG_8199

I made the eyes white, but you can do yellow or even red if you want your bats to be scary.

Display in a vase or mason jar, stick it in an outside pot, or even combine into a bunch and hang on your front door to make sure all the little kids find your house tomorrow night.


Halloween Brouhaha

I decided to host a small get together for a couple friends to watch some not to scary Halloween movies. I gathered up some of my old favorites like Hocus Pocus, Scream, and Ghostbusters, scoured Pinterest for some festive printables, and put a few snacks together.

I decided to go old school and send actual, snail mail invitations. I used these Bag of Bones invitations.

To enjoy with the movie, I made this fall spice popcorn (which I also made for a Halloween party 2 years ago). It was easy and delicious.


Don’t eat the spiders – they’re plastic and came in a pack of 12 for $1 at Dollar Tree. The craft paper looking printables with funny phrases like “May Contain Spiders” “Probably Poison” and “Absolutely to Die For” are free from here. Those black chevron paper straws I used as food picks for the labels were a steal from Dollar Tree.

I bought a Wilton bone pan  on clearance at Target last year, so when I saw these Dusty Bones sugar cookies bones on Pinterest, I knew I had to give them a try.


I didn’t have white food coloring, clear vanilla extract, or unsweetened white cocoa, so I went without. As a result, the bone cookies were more of an almond color. Still tasted great!

For makeshift wine glass markets, I attached these potion label printables to my large outdoor wine glasses with black striped washi tape.


Just for fun, I couldn’t resist these cute napkins that say “Drink Up Witches.” They were a Marshalls find for a couple dollars.IMG_8185

And finally, I made this Halloween movie trivia game to play in between movies. SCARY MOVIE TRIVIA (1)

However, the best laid plans…

Number of movies watched: 0

Number of hours spent chatting and eating: 3+

I’d still call it a win.

Operation: Half Bath Reno

Here was our half bath on moving day.


Have I ever mentioned that our house had some wallpaper when we moved in? No? Oh. Well, it did.

We thought about removing the wallpaper, painting, and just leaving this half bath alone for a while , but when we started ripping out tile in the kitchen and back entryway, which are both next to this bathroom, we realized it made more sense to just rip all the tiles out at once. So we did.

We took out everything, including the shell shaped toilet and sink and of course, the wallpaper.


Getting rid of anything gave me a blank slate start, which is unusual for me. I’m in the “save everything you can to re-use” camp, so usually, my design choices take that into account. Blank slates with no direction are scary. To allay some of my fears, I started off by playing around with vanity, mirror, and tile options, as they would define the room. After some online research, I came up with this mood board.

Half Bath Mood Board v1

I’ll just cut to the chase and show you the after photo now.


Swap out an octopus for some tree branches, and it’s pretty close.

The paint is the same color we have in all our bedrooms – Hazelnut Cream by Behr. As you can imagine, when picking paint colors for the whole house in a short timeframe before move in day, there wasn’t a ton of time to worry about color schemes for individual rooms. We decided the best thing to do would be to pick neutrals to get some paint on the walls, and then we could make more stylistic choices later. Those stripes weren’t painted on until just a couple months ago.

We ended up getting the tile from Tile Outlet. It’s a different color of the white tile planks we used in our entryway and by the back door. Instead of getting the tiles in planks to match, we went with 12×12 squares. I wasn’t sure about the decision while we were in the store, but once they were installed, I liked that the tiles are complementary. I don’t remember the exact price, but it was budget friendly.

I scoped out vanities at the big box stores, and everything that wasn’t a standard builder’s model was so expensive. I didn’t need anything really fancy, but I did want it to look nice and modern. A friend suggested Ikea, and I was impressed with what we found. We ended up going with the Lillangen two door vanity, which fit great into the tight space. It didn’t take very long to put together either. Score.

For the mirror and light fixture, we turned to craigslist (as per usual) and we were able to score great deals. The large, silver framed mirror is Feiss, regularly around $250, but we got it for just $30. The light fixture is originally from Shades of Light (must be an older model, as it’s no longer on the website). I’m sure it was originally pricier than the $50 we spent on it.

To add a bit of decoration to the space, I picked up 2 wall shelves from Ikea. The decorations and frames on them are just items we already had around the house. I got the vintage octopus prints for free at Graphics Fairy, and Dan sized/colored them accordingly.

The light blue trimmed hand towels are from Kohls (no longer available), and the straw waste basket is a repurposed planter I got at a garage sale.

Once all was said and done, the total budget came in right around $500 for everything. The biggest spends were the toilet vanity, and tiles (and installation), but I was so happy we were able to re-do this entire bathroom for less than I thought.

On to the next!



Call it a re-launch, call it a new era, call it “I won’t let three months go by without a post,” but whatever way you look at it, I’m back on a more permanent basis.

I found myself looking through photos taken earlier in the year and realized I hadn’t shared them or their stories with others on this blog for quite some time. Why? It’s always the same reason – lack of time.

When I first started the blog, I posted 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Once we moved to our home and started doing most of the renovations ourselves, that schedule became impossible. I’d find myself without a post Monday morning, and instead of posting on Wednesday, I’d just tell myself to wait another week and start blogging again the following Monday. Surely next week I’ll have 3 posts ready.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve come to the realization that is never going to happen. Still, I want to share all the sweet treats, adventures in decorating, DIY successes (I suppose the failures too), and themed parties with you, especially my friends who look to my blog as a living documentary to all our fun happenings. So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll post when there’s something to post, and when I can. Maybe it will be once a week, maybe it will be 3 times a week again. But it won’t be on regular, predictable days, mostly because my days aren’t regular and predictable.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I promise it’s worth it!