It’s Fall!

Can you believe it? It’s officially fall today! In celebration, I thought I’d share our new door wreath with you guys.


I really like the contrasting orange/browns of the wreath against the bright aqua blue door.

I don’t have any pictures of when I was actually making this, but the process is super simple. I started with a standard grapevine wreath and┬áseven fall berry floral sprays – all from Michael’s.

I cut down the stems on each berry piece to just a couple inches after the “branches” came together. Without much pre-planning, I pushed each berry piece into the wreath, tucking pieces of the berry sprig into the grapevines enough for it to stay without needing to use string or glue. Finally, once all the berries were secured, I made sure a few sprigs stuck out of the wreath at the edges, to give it a fuller effect. Again, no rhyme or reason to what I did – I just tried to make it look nice.

I still need to decorate the rest of the front of the house because I haven’t bought my crop of pumpkins this year, but this wreath is a good start in trying to fall-ify our house.

Happy Fall!

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