Phoebe’s Big Day

My second post and I'm already going off-topic. For that, I apologize.

But, I'll make up for it by posting cute photos of my dog in a graduation cap. That's right. Our Phoebe girl graduated from the intermediate level of obedience school. Side note: We skipped right past the beginner level. Pheebs is smarter than that!

Look how intelligent she looks. Either that, or she's letting me know how much she hates wearing a hat.


And here we go.

My first post. Where do I begin?

Am I supposed to introduce myself? Should I tell you the major points of my life’s happenings up until now? Hopefully, what makes me me will come out in time, through my posts.

So, I’ll dive right in and start by telling you that since I got married, I’ve become very home-y. Nothing is more relaxing to me than whipping up a cake, fantasizing about what my dream home will look like one day, or planning the next dinner party. Against all odds, I’ve become domestic. To my friends, this is probably not a surprise. I’ve been the group’s social coordinator for years. And my husband has always known that side of me. One of the first things I did for him was bake him cookies (which he will tell you were too crisp and not chewy enough)!

I’ll mostly be posting about my Martha Stewart-like endeavors. Keep in mind, I’m no expert. Example: I once had this awesome idea to make teeny apple pies in my mini muffin pan. The filling boiled over the pastry crust in the oven and burned all over the pan. What went wrong? I still haven’t figured it out.

Hopefully, I’ll have more successes than failures to share. And hopefully, we’ll both learn something along the way.