Under the Sea

Check out this cute piece of summer wall art I made for free:


I was inspired by this lovely print on etsy.


It just screamed summer to me with those bold colors and playful beachy print.

Since my husband is so wonderfully talented at Photoshop, I knew he’d be able to replicate this print for me, costing nothing more than printer paper and toner. Here’s our version:


I wanted to put it on the shelf above the couch, but I thought it would look too small on the shelf. It did.

Dan and I got to thinking and we decided a set of 3 matching prints would look great together. We brainstormed and thought an octopus and a mermaid would round out the beach/sea theme we had going.


I wish I could tell you how Dan did it. I know he googled to find the images we ended up using, then created a silhouette of them. He said the chevron wasn’t too difficult to make either. You know, because he spends a lot of time in Photoshop.

As for the frame, we’ve long had it in our hall closet. We got it as a wedding gift with a cut out mat that spelled “Wedding Day,” but didn’t have anywhere to put it. Until now.

Is it perfect? No. Does it add color to the room? Definitely. Is it fun for a quick summer living room update? Absolutely.


Happy Memorial Day!

Just a quick post as I’m off having some Memorial Day fun.

I hung this new door sign up on Saturday morning.


Classic and simple. Home Sweet Home with a wooden blue star for a little bit of patriotic flair. It’s from Kohl’s. I’m a sucker for their holiday door decorations.

Don’t forget what this day means. Thank you to all those brave soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can sleep safely in our beds each night.

Summertime Itch – A To Do List

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer to me, even though it doesn’t officially start until June 20.

Once that glorious 3-day weekend starts, all of my thoughts go to summer activities I’ve been itching to do since it got cold last year. Usually, I’m able to get all the summer basics in before September. Stuff like heading to the beach, eating outside, grilling as much as possible, and going on summer night walks. But, every year, there seems to be some summer staple I miss out on doing because I don’t think about it until too late.

Not this year.

To start me off on the right foot, I thought of a list of things I absolutely want to make sure Dan and I get to do before the weather turns cold again. To remind us, I wrote out these “summer goals” onto a chalkboard I’m going to place in our entryway, where we’ll get a reminder every day.


In case you can’t read it, the summer activities I don’t want to miss are:

1. Carnival
2. Drive in
3. Bike path
4. Make limoncello
5. Picnic
6. Beach volleyball
7. Pool
8. BBQ
9. Garage sales
10. Boat ride
11. Canoe
12. Summerdance
13. Mini golf
14. Movie in the Park
15. Make ice cream
16. Outdoor brunch
17. See fireworks
18. Book club
19. Garden (I’m growing herbs.)
20. Bonfire/s’mores
21. Farmers market
22. Wineries/Breweries
23. Make fresh fruit pancakes


I came up with this list thinking of past summer favorites while keeping the list more adult. In looking for inspiration online, I saw a ton of ideas of summer goals for families with kids, but obviously, that doesn’t apply here, even though I would like to learn how to make play doh some day. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start checking items off the list this coming long weekend!


What things are you excited to do this summer?

Thrift Store Find Series: Upcycled Tray

This project is one of my favorite DIY projects. I started with this tray from the thrift store.


It was $1.50. And yes, those are strawberry tiles.


I may have overpaid, but I liked it’s smaller size.

With a couple coats of white spray paint and a leftover linen scrap, I turned that ugly tray into a really pretty piece of decor.


To start this transformation, Dan helped me remove the tiles.


They were glued on way better than I anticipated. Because of this, the bottom of the tray broke. I spray painted the tray anyways, and once it dried, I had to figure out what to do next. I decided to glue a very thin piece of cardboard to the tray. I knew this wouldn’t be a heavy use item (it will only be used to hold candles and other decorative items on my coffee table), so I was OK with the fix.

Then, I carefully measured one of my linen scraps. I ironed it, then mod podged it to the tray. I gave it two coats.


Once the linen dried, I set a few heavy books on top on the tray to make sure everything stayed in place.

I think it came out nicely.


If I did this project over, I probably wouldn’t remove the tiles. It caused more problems than it was worth. But, I’m no expert, and this is how I learn.

Warm Weather Wreath

After Easter was over, I took down my egg wreath and since then, my front door has looked a bit sad.

Late April, May, and June don’t really have holidays (aside from Memorial Day), so the decorations in my house (and on my door) during that time tend to be a bit sparse. I decided to make a simple wreath to convey the warmer, lighter season ahead. Here’s what I came up with:


I was quite pleased with the way it came out. Very warm weather-looking, which was exactly what I was going for. It couldn’t have been simpler to make either.

I already had the grape vine wreath and the yellow wooden T, so the only thing I needed to purchase was the flowers. I found them on sale for around $5 at JoAnn’s. It came in one big bunch.

Putting the wreath together took no time at all. I weaved the flowers to be intertwines within the grape vine branches. I didn’t have to use any kind of adhesive.


As for the T, I originally had the idea to use hot glue, but then I thought that if I ever wanted to change the look of the wreath, I’d have some trouble. There was a staple in the back of the T, so I just looped some picture frame wire through it, then weaved the wire through the grape vine branches. I tied the ends of the wire together in the back, and you can’t even see it.


Love the way the wreath welcomes you in.


Happy Friday! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Thrift Store Find Series

A lot of people have asked me what kinds of items I find at the thrift store and what I do with what I find, so I thought I’d start a little series highlighting some of my favorite thrift store items.

I’ll admit, I really enjoy going to thrift stores. But, I’m the first to say that they aren’t for everyone. You really have to sift through a lot of junk to find a treasure. Often, I go there with a specific need (or two, or three) in mind.

Sometimes, I just sort of look around and see if there’s anything that catches my eye. A few weeks ago, this pineapple caught Dan’s eye. Yep, I said pineapple.


I apologize for the dark picture. It was taken from my phone.

The pineapple looks like it was once a candleholder for a really skinny candle. Not really our taste at all.

The reason we both found this pineapple so amusing was that we really like the TV show, “Psych.” Every episode has a pineapple hidden somewhere in one of the scenes. We try to find it while we watch the show, but more often than not, we forget about it until the end and then blurt out “We didn’t find the pineapple!”

When Dan pointed out this pineapple, I knew we had to have it. For about $1, we took it home. As mentioned earlier, it was kind of ugly, but Dan had a great idea. We spray painted it white.


I like how the texture became much more apparent with a brighter color.


This guy hangs out on our bookshelf and reminds us of one of our favorite shows to watch together. Fun, kinda kitschy decor on the cheap. Sold.

Valentine’s Day – Rest of the Decorations

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I thought I’d show you the rest of the holiday decorations I put out to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

First, here’s an easy wax paper hurricaine craft.


I already had the hurricaine, so I cut out a bunch of hearts from wax paper and taped them to a piece of red and white baker’s twine. I thought the pink and white candle looked nice with it.


In the entryway, I switched out the subway art to a printable with a Valentine’s theme.


I created a teeny bit of garland by punching out holes from some paint chip samples i had laying around and gluing a punched out pink heart to the middle of the circle. Again, I taped the circles to some red and white baker’s twine.

Finally, I put out this cute little heart tree. I got it as a gift and I just love how the hearts are like little ornaments.


That’s all I had around my house. I don’t really get too crazy for Valentine’s Day. Just a few small decorative items to fill in after all the Christmas stuff comes down. Do you put anything special out for Heart’s Day?