The Paint

We had only a couple days to paint before the carpet guy came for installation. Obviously, we wanted to get the job done before then, so spills wouldn’t ruin our new carpet. We painted at warp speed to keep the renovation going at a quick pace.

Our big decision was to decide on a color. I had taped up greys, blues, whites, and even a minty color during the planning stage, before any demolition took place. Nothing was decided.

Now, as we find ourselves needing to buy paint, I was super hesitant on selecting a color. I wanted the ability to tape up more paint chips and see what I liked, but I did not have that luxury. For starters, we were only in the room to do work, so I wasn’t spending much time looking at the colors on the wall. Plus, without the new bookcases painted, our carpet, or our furniture in the room, I wouldn’t get a true sense of how the color would look. We ended up holding paint chips up to our couch (which was in another room), our teeny carpet sample, and some spare herringbone tiles to settle on a color.

We got down to two colors – Manhattan Mist, which is the color we have in the rest of our house, and Lunar Surface, which is a shade or two darker than Manhattan Mist. (Both are Behr paints). We still hadn’t made our decision when we got to Home Depot, so I pretty much told Dan to pick and walked away from the paint counter. Dan went with Lunar Surface. I couldn’t wait to see the color up on our walls, so the moment we got home, I painted a large swatch.


With it being late, I didn’t have the best light to decide if I liked it, so after Dan finished painting the first coat of white on the bookcases and mantle, we went to bed and would have a fresh look at the paint in the morning.

I ended up really liking the color, and Dan and I spent the next day painting, painting, and painting – the walls, the bookcases, the mantle, and the ceiling. It took all day, but we got it done.


I really like how the colors turned out. I think Lunar Surface was definitely the right color to go with after all. I was worried it would be too dark, but I think it works well in the space and plays off of the marble herringbone tiles and grey grout, as well as being a contrast to the bright white built ins.

Only one thing stands in the way of being able to move furniture back into the room – the carpet. Next time.


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