The Tiles

Once the mantle was built out, next came the tiling. Dan and I contemplated a few choices, which I shared with you previously. We ended up going with choice #1 – the marble herringbone tile.  It looks great with the darker grey grout we picked, and the black fireplace doors. The herringbone really pops.


To get some contrast, and save a bit of money, we ended up doing plain subway style marble tiles for the wood nook. We actually found both kinds of tile cheaper at Floor & Decor, so that’s where we bought all the tiles and the grout.

Our contractor spent the next day or so finishing up the mantle, including building the step in front of the fireplace, doing the tile work, trimming out the entire bookcase wall, adding the butcher block to the top of the mantle, and installing the fireplace doors.

Yes, we decided to install doors to our fireplace. It turns out, it is a much cheaper option than the alternative of buying and installing an insert, which we had looked into for fuel efficiency purposes. The doors will help prevent air loss up the chimney by up to 90%, so that should mostly solve the problem of the room becoming so cold when we have to leave the flue open overnight. Hopefully. Plus, I think the fireplace looks more finished with doors on it, rather than it being just a big opening in the wall. I shopped around to find the best price for the doors, and surprisingly, I found the best deal at Walmart. It looks like the price is back up to its normal cost, but when I bought the doors, they were on sale for $210, down from $268, with free standard shipping (I paid $5 for the rush shipping, which was still cheaper than the next best price at any other retailer).

After all that work was finished, our contractor’s role was complete, and here’s what we have to show for it:


Doesn’t it look great?

Next up is where we step in again – the painting.




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