The Fireplace

Once the bookcases and cabinets went in, it felt like the room was (finally) starting to take shape, and we were making progress with the renovation. Instead of ripping rocks down, shelves were being built – things were going well!

On Day 2, our contractor spent the day building again – this time, the fireplace, including the mantle, surround, and step.


We had pretty specific plans to be sure we could add the wood nook, which would visually center the fireplace. Unfortunately, we hit a snag. The blueprint called for the wood nook to be just 6.5 inches to the right of the fireplace. Well, Dan drew up the plans before we took down all the rocks, so we didn’t know there would be fireplace bricks where we wanted the wood nook to be. Ugh.

To fix this, we moved the wood nook over a few inches to accommodate the extra bricks. It pushed the center of the entire mantle to the right a bit, but we didn’t really have another choice.


Given how much woodwork it was to build everything, this day’s progress was visually the least when I got home. But, I knew we would need the building structure in place before the other things like installing tile and adding the mantle could be done.

Slow and steady progress.


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