Down Comes the Paneling

I’ve found myself way behind on my renovation blog posts. Sorry about that. I had every intention of trying to blog in real time, showing the slow, but steady progress that comes along with a project of this kind. But, when it came time to sit down and write, I thought a better use of my time, at that moment, was to do something reno-related. I think it was the right decision because now, a little over 3 weeks after the rocks came a-tumblin’ down, the room is close to complete.

I’ll start back at the time of my last post. The next step following the demolition was ripping down all the paneling, which was on every remaining wall.

Dan started by removing the door trim and trying to remove the floor trim as well. While he was able to get the door trim off in great shape, so we could reuse it, the floor trim was really difficult to get away from the wall cleanly. He spent a lot of time being really careful, and yet, eventually every floor trim board broke. We’ll just have to replace them at the end of all the renovations.

I think this is the worst the room looked during the entire process – stripped down to a little more than studs.


The dust situation was bad. Really, really bad. It seemed like a futile effort to keep the floors, shelves, etc. free from the fine dust that was everywhere. I think that was the hardest part of this entire renovation to me – feeling like I just couldn’t keep the house clean. We taped plastic up over both entrances to the room, but still, dust found it’s way through it to other parts of the house, even upstairs. And yes, we taped off the air vents and returns.

Unfortunately, the dust lingered throughout the renovation. But, the carpenter and drywall guy started work soon after I snapped this photo, and the room began taping shape rather quickly. Maybe it’s because there was nowhere to go at this point but up?



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