Wallpaper Specimen Art

This project has been over a year in the making. Remember how I’ve mentioned once or twice that Dan and I took down obscene amounts of wallpaper? You know, in the entryway, the master bath, the kitchen, and just a few more places? Well, even in my haste to tear all of it all the walls, I managed to save a few scraps of the wallpaper before it headed to the trash bin.

I kept it over the last year and a half or so and we finally got around to doing something with it. Behold – our wallpaper specimen art:

IMG_9894 (427x640)

Yep, that’s our wallpaper cut into the shapes of butterflies. Dan had the idea of looking at the wallpaper like a relic of the past to be preserved, and came up with the idea of displaying it like a taxonomy specimen.

Creating the art was really easy. Dan used a butterfly template he found online to cut butterflies out of the wallpaper remnants. Using glass head pins, he attached each butterfly to the pinboard inside a Pottery Barn shadowbox that I found at a garage sale, never used, for $1.

The final touch is the classification labels Dan made. He took the Latin name for each room where the wallpaper came from and used that to “name” each butterfly. So, old kitchen became vetus culina.

IMG_9895 (640x427)

I really like seeing our new DIY art up on our living room wall. It reminds me that even though our new family room renovation is stressful and feels never-ending, we’ve already come so far with this house. And it started with removing all that wallpaper.


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