Mod Stenciled Bentwood Chair

Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, Dan and I got to a project we’d been meaning to do for months – stenciling the desk chair in the guest room.

IMG_9875 (640x427)

We started with this plain old bentwood chair we purchased years ago at a garage sale. It’s been hanging out in the guest room as the desk chair since we moved into our house. Don’t get me wrong, the chair looked fine. It was just kind of boring.

IMG_9866 (427x640)

Since this was a low risk update, we decided to tackle in one afternoon we found ourselves without plans. I had previously purchased a stencil set from Target, on sale for just over $2. The prints were kind of mod, which we both liked.

After a bit of debate, we decided to only stencil the middle portion of the back of the chair, using the bentwood “neck” part of the chair as our guide. I thought we would use a paint brush or dabbing sponge, but Dan thought it would be easier to use spray paint. Spray paint ultimately won out, so Dan carefully taped off the rest of the chair, secured the stencil, and sprayed.

IMG_9872 (640x427)

He did two coats, waited for the second coat to dry, then moved the stencil down the chair to cover the entire chair back. Another two coats plus dry time and the chair was finished!

We had to do some touch up near the curve because the stencil wasn’t completely flush to the chair, which resulted in a kind of blurring effect. Dan smoothed out the edges with just a bit of mineral spirits.

Not a huge change to the room, but I was happy to finish a project I’d been wanting to do for so long.



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