In the Mood to Talk About the Family Room?

Step 1 when Dan and I renovate? Pin. A lot.

I’m a visual person in that I need to see something before I can fully understand how something will look. I’m just not great at imagining how a certain tile will look on the floor or a paint color will look in the room without seeing a sample.

That’s why mood boards are such an important step to me in renovation planning. Even if you are able to visualize a finished room before any work begins, I would still highly recommend creating a mood board. They allow you to get the whole picture in one graphic. You don’t need to know the specific lamp or rug you want when making a mood board, but it’s easy to swap those things in and out of the board, to give you a good idea of how it will look in the room without trekking to the store and back.

I typically start my mood boards by finding images of the items in the room that I know will be staying. For example, we have a fairly new couch in the family room, and we just received those awesome prints, so I was sure to include them in every mood board.

I played around with three different looks – all similar, but with some key differences.

I started with this look, which we call “Modern Mint”, as Choice #1 (Note: I am presenting these in no particular order).


The paint color is the brightest we’ve looked at. Given the room is pretty dark, with only a glass sliding door letting light in, I thought the cheery, minty color would really brighten things up. Because of such a bold color on the walls, the rest of the pieces in the room are pretty neutral, though not boring. The fireplace and built ins are a pure white (to offset the walls), and the fireplace tile is a white and grey marble, which are tones we have throughout the house, to tie it all in together. The smaller color pops in yellows and blues would come from pillows,  a throw, and the posters. The silver accents, like the table, chair legs, and mirror, add more brightness and the glass lamp keeps the room feeling airy. One of the decisions we still have to make is the flooring. In this option, I chose hardwood and would cover it up with a mostly white and grey rug.

We’re calling Choice #2 “Shapely”.


Right away, the geometric shapes in this room grab you – the chair, the end table, the ikat pillows, geometric throw, candle holders, and carpet are all very much of that MCM era. The walls are a very light and neutral grey to allow for the color in the bookcases, which will really draw your eye to the bookshelves/fireplace focus of the room. The fireplace is simple, with clean lines and an unfussy, single piece of stained wood mantle. The simplicity shows in the fireplace tile as well, with small, rectangular marble tiles mirroring the clean lines of the fireplace itself. The flooring in this option is carpet, in a pretty, subtle geometric pattern in a light aqua tone.

Last, but certainly not least, Choice #3 is called “Stay Golden”.


This is the board that I think is most outside my typical decorating style. I’m not usually one to choose gold tones over silver, but I’m drawn to the contrast between the dark grey fireplace and shiplap wall behind the TV, and the sophisticated glamour  contained in the gold pillows, votives, mirrors, and side table. In some ways, this option is the most classic, with white walls, and mostly neutral tones, but it also has the most varied patterns/textures – clean book shelf lines, triangles in the pillows, curved lines in the mirrors, side table, and carpet (admittedly, you can’t see the carpet well), and of course, the fluffy blanket. The color in the room mostly comes from the lamp and prints, which balances out the neutral white walls and grey fireplace and couch. The flooring in this option is carpet, in a bolder shade of grey, with a curvy pattern to match the mirrors.

I’m confident things will change as we progress in the remodel, and more than likely, elements of each option will make it into our final choices. But for now, this is where we are.

I really like them all, so one doesn’t stand out at the absolute winner to me. If you have any thoughts, I’m all ears!

2 thoughts on “In the Mood to Talk About the Family Room?

  1. Hi there! I like the “shapely” color scheme the best, but I do think the fireplace/bookshelves in the first “minty” one are very cool. I wonder what the fireplace from “minty” would look like with the tile from “shapely”. Lots of decisions…… Have fun!!!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think the minty fireplace/shelves would look nice with the shapely furniture/accessories. And given the darkness of the room, I think we’re starting to lean away from a dark colored fireplace mantle or dark color behind the bookshelves. I’d still like to add some color though, so maybe we add a fun patterned, gasp, WALLPAPER (!) either behind the TV or the bookshelves. 🙂

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