Monthly Photo Onesies

OK, I know I said the Christmas posts were finished. And they are. Kind of. I just had to share these monthly onesies that we made as part of my pregnant sister-in-law’s Christmas gift.

1219151349a (640x360)

Ahhhh, the cuteness!

Making them actually wasn’t too difficult (surprisingly). I came across this Martha Stewart tutorial via Pinterest. I liked the way the monthly numbers looked, so I just used them instead of searching around for another one. You can use any numbers you would like, and I saw a ton on Pinterest, but keep in mind that you will be using iron on transfer paper for the onesies, so the image will need to be reversed if it isn’t already. The Martha ones were already a mirror image, so I had no issues there.

Just print the images on iron on paper and cut them out, leaving a small bit extra around the circle. Ready the onesies by ironing out all their wrinkles, then iron on the image by placing it face down on the onesie, turning off the iron’s steam function, and press down firmly, being sure to iron over all parts of the image. Let the onesie cool, then carefully lift up and away the iron transfer paper.

I wanted to wrap them in a way that my sister-in-law would know what they were right when she opened the gift, so I knew I needed to fold the onesies in such a way that the numbers would show. I hadn’t quite figured out what I would do when I went shopping with mom and saw a Christmas pie box among the wrapping paper and bows. I liked that the top of the box was see through, so the numbers would be visible even with the box still closed.

1219151420a (640x360)

To round out the gift, we also gave her this My First Year photo frame to hang in the new baby’s room. That way, she can display a photo of the baby in each monthly onesie.

This was definitely one of my favorite gifts to give this year. not only was it a heartfelt, homemade Christmas gift, it’s a gift celebrating and looking ahead to the new baby that will be here in the new year.

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