Home (Not) Alone Party

Home Alone has been out for 25 years. Think about that for a second. 25 years. Being just a few years younger than Kevin was when the movie came out in 1990, I thought the movie was pretty cool back then. And I find that every Christmas season, I watch Home Alone more than a couple times.

When a friend of mine told me that she and her husband were going to go see Home Alone in the theater this year (a special showing to celebrate its 25th anniversary), it got me thinking that a Home Alone theme would be a fun way to go for this year’s holiday party.

I announced this year’s theme via a paperless post online invitation with this graphic being the first thing my guests saw.

merry christmas ya filthy animal (640x453)

I think it sent the right message.

Dan and I watched the movie (purely for research purposes) and thought of some fun ways to include little nods to Home Alone at the party, without requiring guests dress up like the Wet Bandits or Old Man Marley.

We kept things simple, so we mainly used a printer and scissors to make everything, like these Little Nero’s pizzas.


I thought it would be funny to have Harry and Marv drop in on the party, so Dan helped me create these burglars in the window.


Side note on that decoration – it will drive your dog nuts. Phoebe sat there barking at the pictures for quite some time.

I don’t have a photo of it, but I found my old Talkboy from the 90s too. I know, the Talkboy was in Home Alone 2, but come on – I had a Talkboy! And no, it wasn’t functional. Sad face. If anyone out there knows how to make the mic on one of those work again, please hit me up!

If I had more time (and energy), I thought of a few other fun decoration ideas I never got around to doing:

– Hanging a couple empty paint cans by a rope in the stairway

– Scattering matchbox cars around the food table

– Leaving out a tarantula looking spider for someone to find

– Setting up a train and attaching a Michael Jordan posterboard cutout to it

As for food, I didn’t snap any pics, but we went with Kevin’s standard food from the movie – a lovely cheese pizza (just for him), mac and cheese, and an ice cream bar (to be eaten while watching a gangster movie). For drinks, Pepsi and adult “milk,” made with whiskey, 2% milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract were on the menu.

I had such a fun night, but really, any night with these ladies is a great one.

1212152250a-1 (2)

So lucky to have such wonderful friends.

With a little over one week to go until Christmas, I’m looking forward to sharing the last of my holiday posts with you!

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