Adorning our Wreaths

I hosted my annual (lost count what year it is) Wreath Decorating Party over the past weekend. I wrote about it three years ago, and every year we’ve kept the tradition alive. This year, I was so happy that seven of my friends were able to make it – quite an increase from the two of us who participated the first year. Since we buy our wreaths from Alive Rescue, that means even more money is going towards helping out stray animals. Win-win.

One of my friends brought over all the wreaths she had picked up for us, and we laid them out on the long tables I set up. After some chatting and catching up, we got to work. I actually forgot to take photos until most of the wreaths were just about completed. All I got were these two snaps:

1205151355a 1205151407

I know, the pictures aren’t great. But,  I did want to highlight a couple wreaths that I thought were pretty awesome.

This wreath was made using berry-looking trimming and my favorite – the big bow!


I really like the bell garland on this wreath. The smaller bells, the bigger bells, the pinecones, and the bow all match in red!


Here’s the wreath I decorated.


As you can see, the wreath I make still hasn’t changed from the one I made three years ago. I just keep saving those stars and re-using them! As much as I love them, I think next year will be time for a change. I’ve already been looking for new ideas on Pinterest!

Do you ever decorate your own wreaths? If so, I’d love to see them!


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