Cards of Christmas Past Mini Door Banner

I know it’s only December 3, but I already feel so behind in getting our Christmas card ready this year. We’re still tinkering with it (I’m trying not to panic that I haven’t even placed the order for it yet!), but in thinking of what to do this year, we looked at what we had done in the past. I always have a few extra cards leftover each Christmas, and I’ve been keeping them together with the Christmas decorations, to be pulled out each year.

I really like each Christmas card, and wanted to make a craft with them, or else display them somehow.

Last year, we made a Christmas card tree in our living room and I hung every card we received into the shape of a tree to enjoy the cards all season long. We’ll likely do this again this year, but I didn’t want our cards hanging in the tree.

I decided to keep the cards as they were, and hang them up as a sort of Christmas card banner. I cut some twine and attached the cards to it with mini clothespins. Then, I hung the banner up with some Christmas colored washi tape.

1129152151 (1)

Isn’t it cute?

Do you do anything with your old Christmas cards?


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