Month of Thanks

Since November is the unofficial start of the holiday season (don’t worry, my tree isn’t up or lit until the day after Thanksgiving), I always find myself thinking about everything I have in my life, and being so grateful for it. Over the past few years, I’ve found different ways to bring thankfulness to top of mind throughout November. I thought I’d compile those projects for you, so you can have your own Month of Thanks.

Back in 2011, I hosted our first Friendsgiving. I placed small paper circles on everyone’s plate, and asked that each person write down one thing for which they are thankful. I took those circle and glued them to sticks that I had placed in a vase. I called this the Thankfulness Tree.


In 2012, instead of thinking about something I’m thankful for, Dan and I took the month to show our thankfulness for one another. I made Thankful Sticks, which contained one thoughtful thing to do for your spouse each day of November.


Last year, I made Thankful Books. They contained 30 pages, and each night, Dan and I wrote down one thing we were thankful for that day.


Are you doing anything with your spouse or family to have November be a Month of Thanks? Hit the comments to share.


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