Onesie Cupcakes

Aren’t these cupcakes cute?

IMG_8670 (640x427)

And even cuter – they’re made from onesies!

I wanted to get a friend (who was expecting a boy) a little gift, but didn’t want to just put onesies and socks in a gift bag and call it a day. I saw this blog post and thought creating teeny cupcakes from the clothes would be a fun way to wrap the gift.

All you do is fold and roll the onesie around a sock, making sure to leave a bit of the toe sticking out to be the cupcake’s cherry on top. I deviated a bit from the blog’s directions by using colored twine to hold the cupcake together and placing each cupcake in a wrapper.

IMG_8674 (640x427)

The hardest part was finding a cute cupcake box! I found this one at Homegoods, which came in a pack of two. I saw some at Michael’s too, but only in plain white.

The onesie and socks packs I bought came with more onesies and socks than I needed, so I just folded them and placed them on the bottom of the box, putting the cupcakes on top.

I love taking gifts up a notch, and the cupcake presentation certainly did the trick.

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