Be-Witching Envelope Art

Happy day before Halloween!

Do any of you still send snail mail? I do.  I even have a pen pal, living half a country away in California. I absolutely love opening the mail box and seeing a fun note or card from her. It’s such a treat!

I made her a cute little Halloween card that had a Hocus Pocus theme using a graphic I found online and some witch hat washi tape.

1020152010 (360x640)

I wanted to keep the envelope as fun as the card inside, so I thought I’d try my hand at drawing a witch on the envelope itself. I thought about it for about two seconds, then remembered that I can’t really draw. Like, at all. But, I can trace with the best of them.

That’s when I found this envelope template on Pinterest. The designer meant for you to actually create an envelope by printing the template and folding the paper into an envelope, but I thought it would look better if I traced the image with a marker pen. So, I printed the template, cut it to fit into the envelope, and got to tracing. I love how it turned out.

IMG_9380 (640x427)

Way better than I expected!

I used my orange Le Pen (seriously the best pens out there) to write in my friend’s name and address. My return address is on the back, so it didn’t take up room on the front of the envelope.

I’m going to have up my game on all of my letters now. So fancy.


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