Bringing Back the Formal Dining Room

I love me a formal dining room with a big table. I know many people repurpose their dining room into an office or a playroom these days, but not me. Long tables remind me of the large family dinner gatherings my Nonna would host for us twice a week (every Sunday and Wednesday!). And now, I love having dinner parties or even potlucks at our house for our friends. There’s just something about sharing food together in a warm and cozy space that makes me happy.

For as much love as I have for dining rooms in general, I never shared ours with you blog folks. I think it was because the space always felt like it was in a transition. We moved in to a drab, stained carpet-covered dining room that had old fashioned (not in a good way) iron scroll railings, heavy, overbearing curtains, and a dusty, never been cleaned chandelier that even the boldest color of spray paint couldn’t salvage.

IMG_6020 (640x427)

Pretty sad, huh?

As with the other rooms of the house, we tore down the curtains, pulled up all the carpet, sanded and stained the wood floor, gave the room a fresh coat of paint, and painted all the trim white. We also added a more modern banister to separate the living room and dining room. And, as you can probably guess, the old chandelier was taken down, which made way for an industrial-looking light fixture from Ikea.

We transferred our small, apartment-sized dining room table and chairs from the old place, and found a craigslisted CB2 rug we both loved to hang out underneath it. And that’s how the space has sat since move in day.

IMG_7115 (640x427)

I know, it looks fine, but to us, this was a temporary fix. I always wanted that big dining room table in my childhood memories, and this was just not going to do.

We have started to do some work in here to spruce things up. I already shared the update we did to my grandparents’ credenza, which lives on the near side of the room. We ordered a new light fixture, and Dan and my dad moved the dining room set that matches the credenza into the house. Right now, the dining room is in disarray, but I’m hoping we’ll finish up a big project in there this week and I can share a room reveal soon.


3 thoughts on “Bringing Back the Formal Dining Room

  1. What an adorable space. I really like the changes you’ve made. I too love a long dining table and thoughts of many gatherings with amazing people and equally amazing food! Have a wonderful day! Koko:)

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