Honey Rhubarb Tart

Wow. Over 3 weeks since my last post? How can that be? I guess I’ve just been out and about enjoying the gorgeous summer weather we’ve finally gotten in Chicagoland.

Part of all that summer fun involved celebrating my dear friend Lauren’s birthday last weekend. She invited a group of our friends over to her home for a lovely brunch. I offered to bring a dessert, and settled on a rhubarb tart. It came out fancy.

IMG_9190 (640x427)

I used this recipe. Believe it or not, I had a hard time finding a good tart recipe. Rhubarb tarts must not be a thing in America – all the recipes were from England and France, hence the strange ingredient measurements. I did some googling, and I ended up having to approximate some of the measurements, which I hate doing in baking. Ingredients are supposed to be precise when you bake, so I was pretty nervous about how this tart would come out. It seems to have worked, so I thought I’d share the conversions I did:

Pastry/crust ingredients:

1 cup flour

6 1/3 tablespoons of cold butter

1 ounce of water

pinch of salt


Filling ingredients (I added to the original recipe):

4 stalks of rhubarb

3 tablespoons honey mixed with 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (to soak rhubarb in)

3 tablespoons honey mixed with 1 teaspoon white sugar (to brush on top of tart)

1 tablespoon fine sugar (I used baking sugar) to sprinkle on top of the whole tart before baking


Yeah, I added a lot of extra sweetener than the original tart recipe recommended. I was concerned that my rhubarb was not quite ripe, and would be bitter. The tart turned out great, and I think the extra sugar was definitely needed. The tart had a subtle sweetness paired with the slightly bitter rhubarb. My only complaint was that the extra honey left the crust a bit soggy. I probably wouldn’t add so much honey if I had perfectly ripe rhubarb. Still, the tart was pretty tasty so I’m putting this one in the win column.


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