Backyard Fire Pit

With it being just the midpoint of unofficial summer (but only being about a week into the actual summer season), I thought I’d share the fire pit area we created.

When we moved in, our backyard consisted of a concrete patio, some bushes, and a fairly large (for the area) nondescript backyard.

IMG_5791 (640x427)

There was a lot of white rock and bushes which cut the patio off from the rest of the backyard. Add to that an unkempt,pretty random rosebush, and a built in non-working gas grill and you can see the previous owner must not have cared too much about her outdoor space.

I’ll cut to the chase – Dan pulled out the bushes, rose bush, and grill, got rid of all the white stones, and planted sod up to the patio.

The fire pit area planning had us leaning toward installing square pieces of concrete, with grass peaking through the squares, rather than pouring a new cement patio. We began looking for big concrete squares, but were surprised to have so much trouble finding any at a reasonable price. Eventually, we ended up going with these from Menard’s for about $10/square. I didn’t love the diamond non-skid pattern, but am actually really liking them now.

Putting them in wasn’t at all an easy or fun task. Full credit for installation goes to Dan. He dug down, removed grass, lined up the squares, and made it look beautiful. Here’s how the backyard looks now.

IMG_7869 (640x427)

I really like the two separate sitting areas. We do use the section with the table and chairs more often, but when we do use the fire pit, I love having the Adirondack chairs there (which Dan made from these plans and I painted) in their own space. Not too long ago, we had some friends over to roast s’mores. Dan got the fire going and I put out the cute outdoor pillows I bought from Target.

0523151959a (640x360)

It’s been super rainy this June, but I’m hoping for better, s’more making weather for the rest of summer.



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