Birthday Postcard Art

I love sending fun little cards in the mail to my friends. I look for cards that are unique, adorn each envelope with fun ink stamps and washi tape, and I make sure that I always have a supply of postage stamps around should the mood strike me to send a card.

When my friend Colleen moved to California, we decided to become pen pals. I’ve so enjoyed receiving little notes in the mail, and I’ve loved finding cute cards (or making some) to send to her. Col’s birthday was coming up, and I wanted to send her something special. I remembered this post about a postcard birthday banner that I had seen a while back, and enlisted Dan to help me make a postcard banner of my own for Col.

from fb (640x480)

One of the postcards got lost in the mail, which is why the bottom left piece is missing. Darn USPS!

To start the project, Dan searched for a fun hand-drawn birthday word graphic. When he found this “Happy Birthday Beautiful” art, I knew it was perfect.

happy-birthday-01 (2) (640x640)

Next came figuring out how big to make the poster, and how many postcards to have. I knew I’d be seeing a bunch of our mutual friends a couple weeks after I had the idea for this, and about a month out before Col’s birthday, so I decided to go for eight postcards.

Dan split the graphic into eight 8 sections, and created another sheet to use as the back of the postcards (the part to write on).

happy birthday postcards 1 (2) (495x640) happy birthday postcards 2 (2) (495x640) happy birthday postcards back (2) (495x640)

I printed the images on thick cardstock, then re-fed the paper into the printer to print on the back of the postcard too.

The post where I got this idea emailed each person their postcard to print, cut out, add a message, and came with instructions on when to send the card. I decided to keep things as simple as possible. At the gathering where all our friends met, I brought the postcards with me, already cut out and ready to go. I asked each person to write their personal birthday note to Colleen, and decorate the front of the postcard in their own way. Some friends used stickers, some used washi tape, and some even used markers.

Originally, I envisioned each person sending their own postcard sometime a couple weeks before Col’s birthday, but many asked if I would mail the postcard for them…so they didn’t forget. I think that actually worked well. I sent one per day over about a week’s time, so Colleen should have gotten a postcard every day or so the following week.

The hardest part for me was not texting her to see if she had received them yet, or if she had put the puzzle together. Finally, on her birthday, I finally broke down and asked if she got anything good in the mail lately. At that point, she was still missing a few postcards. About a week later, she posted the photo above of the (mostly) put together postcard art on facebook, and tagged all the friends who had sent her a card to say thanks. You’re welcome, Colleen! Happy belated!

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