DIY Bridal Emergency Kit

Last weekend, I went out of town with a bunch of friends for a bachelorette party. I knew many of the ladies would be giving the bride lingerie as a gift, so I thought I’d go a different route.

For my wedding, my Maid of Honor put together a bridal emergency kit that was really helpful. It contained little items that you might not think you would need, but are really useful if you do. Ever since then, I’ve helped put together little emergency kits for most of my bride friends. I thought this would be a perfect gift to give.

IMG_9036 (640x427)

To start with, I bought a small travel-sized make up bag. I got my hands on one from the Lilly Pulitzer collection from Target in the bride’s favorite color – green. Then, I picked up items for the kit as I would find them/think of them while out shopping. The following made it into the kit: band-aids, alcohol swabs, disinfectant wipes, cough drops, an emergency sewing kit, Eos lotion, gum, Kleenex, deodorant, bobby pins, hair ties, and a piece of white chalk. Yes, chalk. in a pinch, you can use it should anything spill on your dress. Chalk won’t remove the stain, but it will cover it pretty well for photos.

Some other items you could include would be a nail file, clear nail polish, pain reliever, double sided fabric tape (to keep dresses in place). Really, you could include whatever you think the bride would find helpful on her big day. Include a pack of her favorite candy or her go-to snack. Anything goes.

I couldn’t find a cute bachelorette party bag or card, so I improvised and made my own. I found some cute pink girly stickers at Michael’s and stuck them to a plain black bag. For the card, I found a pack of blank cards with a hot pink stilletto on them at Homegoods.

I highly recommend making this for any bride friend. It’s one less thing she has to worry about for her big day, and she’ll be able to enjoy the make up bag on her honeymoon and all her trips to come.



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