The Cabinets Are In!!!

The title of this post should have had fifty exclamation marks and be in all caps to properly express how excited I was for the cabinets to arrive and be installed! It was Christmas come early in our household that day in October 2013.

The cabinets were delivered on a Thursday and the wait until Saturday for them to go up felt like an eternity. They sat in their boxes in the garage, just waiting.

Finally, it was Saturday! Cabinet day!

Bright and early, Dan’s parents and brother came over to help. We were so grateful of their offer to install our cabinets. We were told that hiring a contractor to install the cabinets would cost almost as much as the cabinets themselves! If that is the case, then Dan’s family’s generosity really saved us big time by DIYing the install ourselves.

Here’s a reminder of how my newly hardwood floored, freshly painted, appliance strewn kitchen looked.

IMG_6415 - Copy (640x427)

Here’s how it looked at the end of the day.

IMG_6478 (640x427)

Sure, it’s a bit rough looking (did you notice the folding table we used as a makeshift countertop?), but the cabinets and appliances were installed! You’ll notice those boxes in the middle of the floor. Those contained some of my most precious kitchen basic possessions that sat in our basement for three long months. You bet that once all the cabinets were in, I immediately started putting them to good use in housing my bowls, cookie cutters, and silverware.

Now, if you know me at all, I don’t think you would expect me to give a step by step tutorial on how how to do a full kitchen cabinet installation. Well, you’d be right. I mostly tried to stay out of the way as the men carried the cabinets through the house, hoisted them high on the walls, and secured them in place. I think I was painting a door or something, you know, a job that was tedious and messy, but not altogether too difficult. I did notice there was a lot of measuring, marking the wall with pencils, consulting the floor plan, then more measuring.

IMG_6457 (640x427)

It all paid off though as by the end of the day, all the cabinets were in place! Finally, we were able to make progress in our kitchen remodel. Now, as I mentioned before, the kitchen was still looking pretty rough. The fridge and stove worked, but the microwave wasn’t in, there was no sink (or running water), we didn’t have countertops, light fixtures and a fan needed to be moved/installed, the peninsula had a wooden back, the floor trim wasn’t in, we were missing all decorative finishes (cabinet/drawer pulls, backsplash, cabinet trim, under cabinet lights, etc…), and there was still so much left on our to-do list, but for the first time since we lived in the house, our kitchen actually LOOKED like a kitchen.

The next step would put our kitchen into functional mode – the countertop!


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