Spaghetti, Ditalini, and Buccatini, Oh My

Project #3 of the Great Cabinet Wait sounds tasty, doesn’t it? Sorry to fool you, as no food was made as part of the project.

I had an old Italian cookbook that I found a thrift store a while ago. Looking through it and reading all the old Italian recipes was fun. While thumbing through, I saw that there were a few pages in the middle of the book that had diagrams of all the different types of pasta. I knew I wanted to turn that into wall art somehow, and that it would be perfect for the kitchen.

I found three matching frames that were about the size of the pasta diagrams at the same thrift shop months later.

IMG_7055 (640x427)

I wasn’t into their light wood coloring, so used more of the blue paint from the Cucina sign. I was really getting my money’s worth from that quart of paint!

Sidenote: Do you notice a theme here? Many of our updates involved painting, which I think goes to show how big a different paint can make whether its on a wall or used in a small project. I digress.

After the frames were dry, I reassembled them and added my favorite pasta diagrams to each one. I asked Dan to hang them in a column, down a very small corner wall space we had in the kitchen. It was recessed back a little bit, so I knew the frames wouldn’t get bumped very much. A few minutes later, my frames were there on display for all to see.

IMG_7851 (427x640)

Here’s a close up of the top frame.

IMG_7850 (640x427)

The pasta frames bring to mind so many different memories that are interwoven with pasta meals. They make me think of my Nonna making pasta by hand with it drying on towels all around the house. Sometimes, I think about the time Dan and I made our own angel hair pasta for the first time with my new KitchenAid attachment, a gift from my in-laws. Lately, I think about a Friday night pasta dinner that I hosted for our friends. That’s why we try to only hang meaningful wall art – it makes you happy every time you see it.


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