Where’s the Cucina?

Project #2 in the Great Cabinet Wait was updating a wooden sign from our apartment to hang in our new kitchen.

Our apartment kitchen cabinets didn’t go all the way up to the ceiling, which left room above them to decorate. Or store things. Either way. My mom knew I was looking for a decorative item to put above my cabinets and bought me a medium-sized wooden sign that read “Cucina” which means kitchen in Italian.

IMG_6688 (640x427)

I liked the modern font used, and I put it atop the wine rack above our fridge. There it sat until moving day.

When I brought it to the new house, I didn’t think it would would well in the kitchen, color-wise. It was black, with a bit of red popping through its distressed corners. Our kitchen plan was to have mostly white, grey, and blue tones, so I thouhght the sign would look out of place. Nothing a little paint won’t fix.

We had some of the blue paint leftover from when we painted the desk for our guest bedroom, so I thought I’d use it some of it on this project. I sanded, wiped down the wood, then did 3 coats of paint. As always, I let paint dry overnight.

The next day, I was trying to figure out where to put  the sign. I thought it might look nice over the window by the sink, but I realized you would only be able to see it if you were standing in the kitchen. If I hung it over the window looking out onto the backyard, you would be able to see the sign from anywhere in the kitchen, and even the dining room and living room.

A couple nails later, the sign was up, letting all who visit know exactly where the cucina is.

IMG_7841 (640x427)

Remember, when the sign was hung,  the kitchen was just a big empty room. It’s good we labeled it. Wouldn’t want someone thinking it was a furniture-less family room.



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