Craigslisted MCM Coffee Table

As I may have mentioned in the past, Dan and I are big craigslisters. In fact, last year, we made about fourteen pickups to furnish the new place. You can find some really cool stuff, and we’ve met some quite interesting people too.

Dan made our latest find – a delightful mid-century modern birch colored coffee table.

During pick up, he went inside the seller’s condo while I waited in the car. He said I would have been in MCM heaven in there. I’m so sad to have missed it.

In any case, we brought it home, and put it in our living room. It was just the right size for the space.

IMG_8657 (640x427)

We found this piece for a great deal. It’s a real Harvey Probber, who was a big furniture designer back in the day. The reason we got it for such a reasonable price was that the table had some significant damage, including chips in the veneer, and water damage from an overwatered orchid left on the table for too long.

IMG_8658 (640x427)

Now comes decision time. Should we refinish it ourselves? Hand it over to a professional due to its potential worth? Do we paint some of it? All of it?

I looked around to see if anyone posted any great tutorials to follow. I did find some really helpful guides on repairing veneer, but I think if we plan to refinish the table by stripping, sanding, and staining, we would be better off going to someone who actually knows what they are doing.

There was one interesting idea that I had seen before, and came across again as part of my research. We could paint only part of the table, leaving the rest it’s natural color. Perhaps, something like this from The Weathered Door, with the tops and sides painted but with the drawers and legs remaining their original color.

Walnut-white mid century dresser WD 1 (1)

With all those big plans in mind, our usual M.O. is to live with the piece for a while, and see how we like it. Right now, I like the light color it brings to the room. The floors and other side tables in the space are dark, so the contrasting light wood works well. I think I’m leaning a bit toward the painting option right now, especially if the paint is a bright, shiny lacquer.

I’m sure I’ll share once the decision is made and executed.


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