Living Room Facelift

By my count, I’ve shared the updates for our entryway, master bedroom, guest bedroom, half bath, and master bath. It’s about time that I should share our new living room. But first, let’s see where we started with the space.

IMG_6013 (640x427)

This room had some challenges – mostly the dusty, faded old drapes, badly stained carpet, and, in case you didn’t notice them, the two HUGE mirrors attached to the wall. You know how they’re mounted? Tar. No joke. Tar-like glue that is next to impossible to remove.

Given how quickly we needed to work on the rooms, I don’t have any step by step photos or a tutorial on how to get those mirrors down. Let’s just say it involved razor wire and was not a pleasant process.

As for the rest of the room, we ripped the carpet up, and like elsewhere in the house, we had the hardwood underneath refinished with Jacobean Minwax stain. The curtains came down easily, and we just patched and painted over where the hardware was.

Here’s the work in progress (apologies, the picture is a few months out of date).

IMG_7818 (640x427)

The couch, chair and a half, coffee table, and end tables are all transplants from our old apartment. The curved blue velvet chair, rug, and arc lamp are new to us – craigslist finds.

One of my favorite parts of this room is the gallery wall above the couch. Every piece of art Dan hung has a meaning to us. Why buy generic, mass produced art when you can hang family portraits or snapshots from a favorite vacation?

The room has changed a bit since we took this snapshot (we fixed the spacing of the rug and centered it in the room), and we still have a few things to do (add a sidebar to the empty space on the right side of the room and get some non-matching tables). I keep telling myself that decorating a process, and a room won’t be done in a day, a weekend, or maybe even a month. Though it’s nowhere near finished, for now, it’s a welcoming space that I enjoy, and works  great for entertaining – all the things a living room should be.


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