Hello, 2015!

2015? 2015. Yep, it’s 2015, for like a week now.

A new year rolls around, and it feels like a fresh start. Resolutions. Organization. New calendars/planners. Everyone has grand plans. With that in mind, I saw this printable, and thought it summed up a new year perfectly:


I think this year is especially a new beginning for me, as I will be heading down a new career path, starting a new job shortly. If you know me, you know that I despise any type of change and find much comfort in the familiar. I thought I’d have anxiety at starting somewhere new, but I don’t. The move just feels right.

With that one big change about to happen, I didn’t look to make other new year resolutions. In fact, when I did sit down to think about anything I’d like to do differently, I realized there isn’t a lot about the way things are right now that I’d want to change. I see my friends and family often, the house is usually reasonably clean,  I’m fairly good about my work out routine, and I’ve actually joined a successful book club (successful in that members actually read the book and we meet on a regular basis). This might be the most put together I’ve been in a while!

If I had to pick something to work on, I think it would be to take more photos, especially with family. Sure it’s sometimes odd to be the one to tell everyone to get together for a quick pic, but I read somewhere that you never regret taking the shot – you regret not having it years down the road. Well, I’ll give it a try. Maybe years from now, I’ll thank my younger self.

So, other than lugging the DSLR and a tripod to a few extra get-togethers, I guess my resolution is to keep heading down the path I’m on right now. And that’s A-OK with me. I don’t like change anyways.

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