Thankful Books

Wow, welcome, November. I can’t believe you’re already here.

I think we too quickly move from Halloween mode into the Christmas season, with no stop-gap for Thanksgiving. I was in a store on November 1, and I was sad to see the aisles already full of Christmas decorations just one day after Halloween. What about Thanksgiving? What about celebrating what Thanksgiving represents?

Two years ago, as a response to this “missed holiday,” I created Thankful Sticks, where each stick containing a kind act to do for your spouse, as a way of showing your spouse you feel thankful that they are in your life. Dan and I picked a stick a day and completed a 30 Day Thankful challenge we had set for ourselves. You can read more about it here.

This year, I found the packed away Thankful Sticks, and we’ll be completing the challenge again.

I wanted to do more.

Instead of solely focusing on being thankful for each other, I wanted us to take time to think about all the things we are thankful for in our lives. The more often you think about everything you are grateful for, the more often you take a minute to say thanks. Feeling thankful makes you happier and makes you more apt to help others. This November, helping others and being grateful are my goals.

To start it all off, I wanted a way to write down something each of us were thankful for each day. I made these Thankful Books.


I didn’t want a simple list, that you could just glaze over to the bottom to write down your item of the day. I wanted a way to make us stop and think about each thing we’d written down the day before, including if something happened that made us thankful for that thing. For example, it got cold outside this weekend, so I was thankful we had heat in our home. For that day, I wrote “heat,” and “cold outside when we walked Phoebe.” Each day, we read the things we’ve already identified we are thankful for, which I think only makes you more grateful for whatever you write down that day.

Constructing them was really easy. I downloaded these printable notes, cut them out, and arranged them in two stacks of thirty each (the thirty days of November).

I had scrap cardstock, so I just cut two pieces the same size as the notes. For the cute cover design, I downloaded these Thanksgiving toothpick toppers and glued them to the cardstock.

To secure the whole book together, I used two staples.

I made these to be private, for personal reflection each time your write in the book, but you can certainly make sharing what you write down a special part of each day. Or, you can make these books and write down a trait of your spouse that you are thankful he/she possesses. This would even be great to give a kid to write in each evening before bed. There are many ways to use each Thankful Book, but the most important part is taking the time to think about and capture all the things you appreciate in your life every day.

I encourage you to take a moment each day this month to give thanks for life’s many blessings.