Going Batty

I figured I had time for one last Halloween post before tomorrow. Maybe you still have the desire to get a spooky craft done in time for trick-or-treaters? Or maybe you want to get your kids into the Halloween spirit a day early? This craft is great for little ones too. What is it?

Bat branches!


A few weeks back, a friend of mine hosted some people at her house for a night of crafts. This bat branch was one of them – the easiest one by far.

The branch was already spray painted purple and dried before I got there. You’ll need to factor in time for drying if you’re planning to make this in one day. Or, leave the branch natural and you will still have a great craft.

If you do choose to paint, wait until the branch is dry, then cut plain black ribbon into pieces anywhere from 4-6 inches. Double knot each piece at random spots on the branch. That’s it.

To make the bats look a little creepier, I used some puff paint I had around the house to make eyes. IMG_8199

I made the eyes white, but you can do yellow or even red if you want your bats to be scary.

Display in a vase or mason jar, stick it in an outside pot, or even combine into a bunch and hang on your front door to make sure all the little kids find your house tomorrow night.



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