Mad Party

After talking about it for the last 5 years, I finally hosted a 1960s themed Mad Men party for its premiere last Sunday night. Of course, we all dressed up for the evening.Image I used items that were either from the era or looked like they were. Case in point, this bar cart (my grandparents’) with plastic gold rimmed goblets from Target (now sold out). The flowers are from a shaped hole punch and old paint chips. And that punch bowl is an engagement present, from Crate and Barrel.Image I also set the food table with a working flame colored fondue set (a thrift store score for only $2.45), a vintage pyrex casserole dish, a cheeseboard from the ’60s, and a chip and dip that’s actually made by Martha Stewart, but kind of reminds me of this chip and dip that Pete had to return in a Season 1 Mad Men episode.Image Did you catch that lovely jello dessert in the photo? I borrowed a Tupperware jello mold from my mother-in-law and made a layered mold complete with floating mandarin oranges in it. I also baked a pineapple upside down cake as a sort of birthday cake to celebrate Dan’s birthday that evening (we sang “Happy Birthday” to him, much to his embarrassment).Dans bday mad men


I was so happy to see everyone get as into the era as I was. Overall, I’d call the party a success.

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