OK, where have I been?

 Every Sunday night, I’d think to write up a new blog post. Just a few paragraphs on what’s been going on with me. But then I’d start doing something around the house, or I’d get home late from being away all weekend, or I’d just get too tired, and then there goes another week without a post.
I checked, and my last entry is on May 20. May 20?!?! That was before summer even started! Wow.
I can summarize the reason for my lack of computer time with one photo:
Yep, we bought our first house!
I didn’t blog about it (I didn’t want to jinx anything) because we’ve been looking for a house since January 2012! That’s almost 17 months to find the house, and an extra 2 to close. So all totaled, we’ve put in about 19 months for this process. Unbelievable. But, you live, you learn.
Would I do things differently if I had to go back? Absolutely, but I’m very happy with our purchase, and look forward to many years in our new home.
At times, this blog will be switching gears from little crafty items and recipes to chronicling all the home updates and repairs we’ll do because oh man, this house rocks a 1970s fabulous vibe the likes of which I’ve never seen! It has all the decade staples:
Goldenrod kitchen appliances, check.
Robin’s egg blue toilet (with matching sink and tub), check.
Metallic wallpaper, check.
Hot pink carpet, check.
I hope you’ll stick with me on this exciting new journey.

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