Where Did I Go?

You may have noticed that blog posts have sparse as of late. What happened?

Well, my old site, neversettled, on Posterous went away on May 1, so I had to move my blog. As you have found, I’m now on wordpress. Unfortunately, my old blog name was taken, so now it’s neversettling. I actually think I like this name better. It’s active, it’s saying I’m still going, not slowing down, and always trying to make things better. Whether I’m doing a craft, cooking dinner, or baking, I’m never settling –  always looking ahead to what’s the next bigger, better thing.

I hope you’ll follow me here, as you did on my old blog.To make sure you don’t miss a post, sign up to receive emails which will deliver each post directly to your inbox.

I promise lots of new domestic ideas in the near future.


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