No-Meat Fridays, Week 5: Spice-Rubbed Salmon with Garlic Sauteed Spinach

Here’s my fifth dinner in the no-meat series – salmon and spinach.


Dan actually proposed this meal, and I was a bit skeptical. I tried salmon a few different ways without success before I finally found the pepper jelly recipe as my go to. I don’t know what it is, but I’m really picky about my salmon.

This meal was quick and easy. The part that takes the longest is measuring out spices and chopping the garlic.

As we took the recipes for the salmon


and spinach


straight from recipes we found online, I won’t re-type them here.

I did make one edit to the spinach though. No lemon juice (we didn’t have any) and no butter (to keep it healthier). I don’t think those ingredients were missed, as the spinach was still packed full of flavor from the garlic. I was really surprised at how much the spinach wilted down though. When I put the spinach in the pot, I could barely fit it all. By the time it was ready to eat, the spinach didn’t even cover the entire bottom of the pot.

I was equally surprised at how well the spice rub stayed on the salmon. I thought a lot of the spices would be lost in the pan while searing, but that was not the case.

Total cooking time – about 20 minutes for a healthy and tasty meal.

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