Santa’s Coming Tonight!

It’s Christmas Eve!

All the good little children better be off to bed early tonight so that Santa can make his rounds.

In case you think Santa might need a little help finding your house, you can make him some glittering reindeer food to make sure he knows exactly where to stop.


This project is super easy, and I think little kids will really like it. I know I did as a kid.

All I did was take some old fashioned oats and mix them with any holiday baking sprinkles that you may have laying around the house. I used red, green, and white shimmer crystals.


Mix it all up, put it in a treat bag (or ziploc bag), and tie it up using this printable label to explain what to do with it.


On Christmas Eve (so, tonight), sprinkle the reindeer food out on your lawn. The shiny sugar will show Santa right where to stop, and the oats are food for the reindeer to snack on while Santa is delivering your presents.

A quick note. Some recipes call for glitter, but that could harm any little critters that eat the leftover oats that the reindeer couldn’t finish. The sugar is more eco-friendly, so that’s why I used it. Not sure why a large amount of sugar is OK, but that’s what I’ve read.

I made these for my two young nieces (and mother-in-law), and we’re looking forward to spreading the reindeer food out tonight to make sure Santa stops at our houses.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve full of magic and memories!

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