Secret Santa, Easier

My annual holiday party is coming up in just a couple weeks, and we’re trying out a new gift idea this year.

Secret Santa.


With a Registry.

You read that right. When we agreed to participate in the gift exchange, we all e-mailed in a few items, within the price limit, that we would like to receive as presents. Links were included. This is shopping made easy, folks.

The idea came to one of my friends as we watched another friend open gifts at her bridal shower. She commented on how easy wedding gift giving was, since the couple had a registry. They were bound to like what you gave them, because they had already picked it!

As a former bride myself, I had to agree. It was fun opening all the gifts, and I loved each and every one of them. It didn’t matter that I already knew what the presents would be, it was still just as surprising to see who got you the gift.

This may not seem like a novel idea, as people use Christmas gift lists all the time, but this is the first time trying this method out with our group. Past gifts have mostly consisted of either one to one gift exchanges, small gifts that are the same for the whole group, and a cookie exchange where the cookies were our gifts to one another. We may have found a winning idea this year.

The key is having a nice third party who will create the Secret Santa pairings and send the corresponding registries so all Secret Santas remain a secret. This year, Dan helped us out by being my elf (he hates it when I call him that), so I have no idea who has me.

I think this will really work well. I know I for one found this system to be extremely helpful and made Secret Santa shopping so simple!

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