Tree Trimming with DIY Felt Garland

Christmas Craft #2 this year is complete! (See Craft #1 here if you missed it.)

I had intended to make felt circle garland for my Christmas tree last year. Somehow, the holidays got away from me and a couple days before Christmas, I realized (1) I hadn’t cut out any of the felt circles, (2) I didn’t have access to a sewing machine, and (3) there is no way the garland was being made in time for Christmas this year. Oh well, the best laid plans.

This year, I set out on this project early, so I could get it done. Even then, I was still frantically cutting out circles while at my in-laws’ house to use their sewing machine. This project definitely got some big help from my family.

I used this blog tutorial as my basis for the project. It had the wonderful idea of ironing freezer paper to the felt to get better shaped circles. Genius.

Once the freezer paper was ironed on, I used a shot glass and a sharpie to trace a ton of circles.


You can guess what came next – lots of cutting. In total, we used 2 sheets of felt each of red, white, and green.

When the circles were cut out, it only took a little tug to remove the freezer paper from the felt.


To make the sewing process go quicker, we stacked the circles in the order they needed to be sewn: red, white, green.


Finally, Dan’s mom got out her old and trusty sewing machine and showed me how to use it in a very, very basic way. I found it most difficult to keep sewing at a steady pace while having to constantly feed another circle into the sewing machine.


I ended up only sewing about 20 circles myself until the pros took over and I went back to my great skill: cutting.

We ended up with a pretty long piece of garland that was maybe 25 feet long.


Dan draped it on the tree the next day, and I was so happy to have the cute whimsical garland I’d been wanting for over a year.


We’ll be sure to enjoy this craft for years to come.

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