Star with Royal Beauty Bright

As I mentioned on Monday, we decorate for the holidays on the day after Thanksgiving. While watching Elf.

I love how homey and peaceful the apartment feels with the glowing lights of the Christmas tree, so I always want the tree and decor up as soon as possible. That works fine for the stuff we put out every year, but not for all the wonderful Christmas crafts I always intend to make, then run out of time.

Not this year. I picked out just a few crafts to make, so I wouldn’t overwhelm myself in trying to make a winter wonderland in my living room. One of the first items on my list to make was this natural wooden star, which I think turned out quite well.


Making it only took about half an hour, once I gathered up all the sticks from outside. It wasn’t super easy finding suitable sticks while walking down local streets in Chicago, but I made do with what was there.

To keep the sticks together, Dan drilled little holes in the sticks and used thin wire.



I didn’t like how the wire looked, so I took some red, white, and green yarn and wrapped it around the wire for a bit of whimsy.

I wanted it to light up, so I strung mini battery powered LCD lights through the branches.

I knew the perfect place to put the star – on the shelf behind our couch. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in.

The star looked lonely up there buy itself, so I added a mini Christmas tree with old looking bells, a sparkly white dove, and a framed Christmas saying. First, I had the famous Elf quote: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” See above. But, as much as it made me smile every time I saw it, the print didn’t really go with the more natural, toned down elements in the room that I wanted.

Out went the Elf print and in went this wonderful chalkboard printable that I got from here.


Yes, I jumped on the chalkboard bandwagon. I love the look.


Christmas craft project #1 this season…SUCCESS!

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