30 Days of Thankful for My Husband

Leading up to Thanksgiving, Dan and I decided to try a 30 Days of Thankful Challenge.

It’s something I made up as a way to do small, everyday, nice things for your partner in the 30 days that led up to Thanksgiving.

We’re thankful for many things in our lives. Our health, our families, our friends, and each other. Sometimes, at least in my case, you forget to be thankful for your spouse. You see them every day, and it’s easy to overlook one another in your day to day lives of chores, making dinner, walking the dog, and paying bills.

We’ve tried to combat this by having regular date nights (Fridays) where we make it a point to not make any other plans that night. I think it’s done a lot for our relationship, even just that little thing of making time to spend with one another.

Going along with that thought, and in anticipation of the time of year of thankfulness, I compiled a list of 60 nice things to do for one another. I made sure nothing required a lot of time to prepare something (no loving photo montages sent to your wedding song, or anything like that). They were each just sweet little gestures of love or a prompt to remember a happy time in our lives.


Making this was very simple. I printed out the spreadsheet of the list that I created (see below), cut out each item, and glued it to a popsicle stick. (We have about a million of them in the house). I put all of them in a jar.


Every night before bed, we would each pick a nice thing out of the jar. We would keep what it said a secret, and the next day, we would make sure to do that activity for the other person.


It was fun to anticipate what surprise Dan had waiting for me the next day.

Today is the last day of doing this, and I definitely feel like this was a good thing for us. Those everyday little reminders of your spouse’s love made me feel good all day long. And, at least for me, it made me think of Dan throughout the day as I figured out when I was going to do my activity and what his activity for the day was.

This activity probably didn’t bring us closer, since we’re pretty close already, but it did make me appreciate Dan more.

Tomorrow, as we go around the dinner table and list all the things we’re thankful for in our lives, Dan will be at the top of my list.


Happy early Thanksgiving!


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