Memory Box Update

A while back, I posted about the memory box I started last year.


I thought I’d share an update.

I’ve started seeing memories from last year as I’m writing down something that happened recently. For example, last year on November 10, I hosted a Friendsgiving dinner at my apartment. This year, on that same date, I was in the wedding of one of the girls who attended Friendsgiving.


Kinda cool.

I really have enjoyed adding to the memory box all year. Some of the memories were big ones, like writing about the holiday party I host every year. The really cool ones are the little memories of something small that happened that day, that you might not otherwise remember, like the day we dubbed cheap dinner night (we used coupons/gift cards and created an eclectic dinner that cost us next to nothing).

I’m looking forward to adding more and more memories as time goes on!


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