More Pumpkin (Waffles!)

Back on Monday, I shared how to make pumpkiny snickerdoodles.

The recipe didn’t call for using the whole can of pumpkin puree, so I put the remainder of the can in the fridge and vowed to remember to make something with it.

I almost forgot, but over the weekend, I saw it in there while searching for something to eat when I thought of the perfect fall weekend breakfast – pumpkin waffles.


I quickly googled for an easy recipe and found this one. To make it just a little healthier for you, I substituted half of the regular flour for whole wheat flour.

I’m sure I added a bit more pumpkin than the recipe called for since I was trying to use it all up.

We didn’t have any maple syrup, so Dan devised an awesome butter-brown sugar-cinnamon mixture to put on top. He melted the butter in the microwave, then stirred in the sugar and spice. It was kind of a thick mixture, so we brushed it onto the waffles.


And yes, those are waffles. With a swirl pattern in them. How I got such an appliance is a secret.


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