Must Not Miss Scary Movies

It’s October! That means I’m watching one thing: SCARY MOVIES!


I’m a huge fraidy cat, so we keep the scary movies pretty tame in our house. I’d say they’re more suspenseful than scary, and even kids’ favorites top my list of must watch movies this Halloween season.

My Top Movies to Watch (in no particular order):

 – Hocus Pocus: How can you not love three kooky witch sisters who try snatching children?
 – Halloween: The original. Still scares the pants off of me. He walks so slow and he catches you when you’re running. Freaky.
 – Psycho: Again, the original. Yes, we all know how it ends, but Alfred Hitchock takes the cake for suspense. Really, any of his movies work this season.
 – Night of the Living Dead: Yep, the original. Granted, you probably know all about how zombies work, but it was this movie that started it.
 – The Shining: I feel more unsettled by the movie every time I watch it.
 – Amittyville Horror: This time, not the original, but the one starring a seriously creepy Ryan Reynolds.
 – Paranormal Activity: Better for cheap small scares than giving you something disturbing to take away (like The Ring), but I still felt on edge waiting for something to pop out the whole time.
 – Scream (original, 2, or 4, but not 3): Just the kind of scary movie I like – you find out who the killer is and the murder spree ends. I never think Ghostface is coming to get me.

I also really liked the show “Scariest Places on Earth” that aired on ABC Family’s 13 Days of Halloween when I was a kid. Though I haven’t watched those episodes since then, I remember it as being pretty scary. Of course, it might be terrible. Do me a favor: Don’t watch “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” as an adult. Total let down.

So how do I watch these scary movies/shows? A number of ways (and yes, many of them are free or close to it).

1. Netflix.
We have a subscription, so I just put all those terrifying tales at the top of my queue. The downside: so do a lot of other people, which makes getting movies like Halloween pretty difficult as you get close to the holiday.

2. Redbox.
Sometimes, they add some older scary movies to their mix during October. Use a promo code and you have a free one-night rental.

3. DVR.
Instead of old school taping, just set your DVR to record some scary movies for you to enjoy. You can search by specific titles to see if your scary movie will be on anytime soon, or you can search the general scary movie category. I keep a few movies on my DVR throughout October and just watch them when the mood strikes. Usually, when I’m home alone, which always seems like a good idea at the time, but never is. Obviously, the movie will be edited for TV, but I think that’s better. No blood and guts!

4. Library.
Head to your local library and see what they have on their shelves. My bet is they’ll have some old ones for sure. Better yet, reserve them online and they’ll be ready to go when you pick them up.

5. Borrow from friends.
Raid your friends’ scary DVDs. Switch amongst yourselves to see some movies you haven’t seen in a while. Or, host a scary movie viewing party and have everyone bring their favorite. Pick a few to watch in a row. Just be sure you finish the marathon before it gets too dark!

And finally, on my list to watch for the first time ever this year:
 – Poltergeist
 – The Thing
 – Nightmare on Elm Street
 – The Changeling
 – It (maybe, I’ve heard this one STILL gives my almost 30 year old friends nightmares)

I welcome any and all recommendations for additional movies to watch. Try to keep it a notch under terrifying though. I need my beauty sleep.


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