New Fall Checklist

Not that I’ve officially properly mourned the end of summer, and shared my fun warm weather happenings, I’m ready to move on to fall.

Last year, I created this Fall Fun Checklist.


I never really updated my progress on it, but I can tell you now that I completed everything except visiting a haunted house and playing in leaves. Pretty good in my book.

This year, I’ve created a new to do list, and tried to come up with completely new activities to try.


As you can see, I made a few tweaks to the layout. I kept the general color scheme the same, it is fall, but I inverted the list to be vertical. I think it looks better on my mantle that way.

I really had to limit myself in the food category. What it is about crisp weather that makes you want to bake up a batch of fatty cookies or whip up a pot of creamy, calorie-filled soup? I do have a ton of new fall recipes I want to try, and I’m sure you’ll hear about those when I get around to making them.

Feel free to print out mthe checklist and partake in my fall fun.

I hope to check just as many off my list as I did last year. Are there any activities you’re looking forward to this season that I’ve forgotten?


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