It’s Game Time, Baby!

With this post, I’m finally caught up after all of my blog difficulties last week. Don’t go expecting every day posts anymore. I know, you’re crushed.

Football season is upon us. To me, it is a time of lazy Sundays on a couch, friends, and of course some pretty fatty though totally delicious comfort food.

Chili. Sliders. Chips and dip. Wings. Pizza. Yum.

To kick off the NFL’s first weekend, I thought I’d share some yummy recipes I saved to make the next time I host a football Sunday.

Always first in my mind at any football gathering: chili.

Here’s a great recipe for a white chicken chili, to change it up from the same old beef and bean chili.


I’m also a big fan of bite sized snacks for game watching.

These taco cups using wonton wrappers certainly fits the bill.


As do these pigs in a blanket (easy to make with hot dogs and crescent rolls).


I also think these buffalo chicken bites are a great idea.


Way less messy than traditional wings. For ease, make the chicken mixture from scratch, but just use store bought pizza dough (I really like the kind from Trader Joe’s) instead of homemade.

Finally, and probably the easiest of all, set out a ton of chips and a variety of dips.


Guacamole, salsa, spinach artichoke, chili con queso, taco, etc. Don’t be afraid of store-bought stuff either. I love to cook more than most, but on game day, I spend my time watching the games and not in the kitchen.

I can’t wait for Sunday’s game. Bear Down!


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