Summer’s End

Just like I believe Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of it. I can’t believe summer has come and gone.

I thought I’d do a final review of my summer checklist and see how I fared in getting through my to do list.

In my original to do list, I thought of 23 summer activities that I hoped to do before fall rolled around.


In three updates (here, here, and here), I tracked my progress.

All in all, I accomplished most of the activities.

Ones I didn’t get to:
Bike path
Make limoncello
See fireworks

Oh well.

I did do a bunch of additional warm weather activities that I never thought of while making the list.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I headed to the Walworth County Fair. Goats, cows, emus, fried food and all.


I even tried a fair staple – deep fried Twinkies.


It wasn’t for me.

For my friend Lauren’s birthday, we attended a classical concert in the park at Millennium Park.


I had a wonderful birthday party on our back patio.


I went to more Movies in the Park than I expected. Final count: 4 (Wizard of Oz, The Lorax, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, North by Northwest).


And we spent at least one morning each weekend at the dog beach.


I’d say I made the most of my summer. Did you?

As my final nail in the summertime coffin, check back next week for a new to do list this fall!


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