Bird’s the Word

I went shopping with my mom the other day at Homegoods. I always take a walk down the clearance aisle to see what’s there, though honestly, my Homegoods purchases rarely come from that aisle with the red sale sign over it. Why? A friend and I have a running joke that everything in that part of the store is broken. Whether a candle lid is missing, a ceramic monkey is chipped, or a frame is cracked, it’s all the same. Clearance section = a bunch of stuff that most people would never buy.

I think this bird frame is the first item I found that was salvageable.


Sure it has a huge mark down the middle of it and the cut outs appear to be weird colors that don’t really match, but there weren’t any chips or dents in the frame itself, so I thought I’d shell out the $5, take it home, and see if there was any way to fix it.


I popped out the backing of the frame and was glad to see it wouldn’t be too difficult to change out the paper colors.


I decided on a bold blue pattern for the bird and a dark brown with a slight brick pattern for the branches.


With just some careful cutting and some spray mount, I turned this $5 investment into a fun piece.


Oh, and that black mark was easily removed with a magic eraser.

I like that I can change out the paper choices again and again, without too much hassle (just more cutting and more spray mount). This looks like a pretty spring-y piece of wall art, but I’m thinking an update of shiny silver paper for the bird and some red on the branches would transform this into a great Christmas piece. We’ll see!

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