Halfway through Summer – A Check List Check In

Wow. More than half of summer just snuck by me. It’s late July now, which means there’s only about 6 weeks left until the unofficial close of summer: Labor Day.

I thought now is as good a time as any to check in and see where I am on my Summer Fun Check List. Here’s how it’s looking these days:


And here’s a closer look at some of my latest summer shenanigans.

Beach Volleyball

I decided that while beach volleyball was a lofty goal, it wasn’t one I was likely to reach. A group we know that plays beach volleyball on Sunday mornings at North Ave beach meets much too early for me to get out of bed. Plus, why exploit the fact that I couldn’t set someone up for a spike if my life depended on it? No, the intent was more for me to enjoy the opportunity to lay on a beach while my can’t-sit-still husband had an activity to do. Well, we discovered an alternative: the dog beach.


I sit away from all the action and read a book while Dan plays with Phoebe and watches her run around with the other dogs. We’ve been to the beach a few times already, and plan to head there more before summer’s end. We can check this one off our list.

Boat Ride

This one was completed several times over.

A couple weeks back, we enjoyed a booze cruise in the river with some of our closest friends. Here I am, chatting away.


The view wasn’t too bad at all.


Additionally, Dan and I went on a mini vacation last week to Lake Geneva. There, we passed our time lounging on my dad’s pontoon boat in the middle of the lake.

I’m so glad we went. Dan and I both have had crazy schedules lately and it was so nice to just relax, unwind, have nowhere to be, and, believe it or not, unplug from the world.


Substitute “kayak” and we can check this activity off of our list.


As part of our anniversary celebration last month, Dan and I set up a 2 hour kayak tour with Northwest Passage. We were supposed to go on Lake Michigan, but a riptide warning got in our way, so we found ourselves setting adrift in the Skokie Lagoons. I really enjoyed it, and could easily see myself spending more time on the lagoons.

Mini Golf

We mini golfed on our little getaway at Paradise Golf Park in Lake Geneva. I got a hole in one, baby!


Farmers Market

We went to the Farmers Market near our place the first day it opened up for the season. We got some yummy homemade hot habenero jelly and some of my favorite cheese – apricot brie.

I’d say I’m most of the way to completing my list. Hope you’re having fun with all of your summer to-dos.


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